Welcome to Tsukuba Wago Club!

Let’s practice communication skills in Japanese!



Many of our club members are foreigners living in Japan, especially in Tsukuba, Ushiku, Tsuchiura, Joso, Ryugasaki, Mito etc, in Ibaraki. We are from all around the world.
Diversity is a feature of Tsukuba Wago Toastmasters Club.
All of you from the world are very welcome to join Tsukuba Wago Toastmasters club. The club is wonderful place to learn and practice communication skills in Japanese language with conversation and speech, and also very good place to develop leadership skills practicing variety of rolls.

Come and join us who want to move audience with speech!
Speak out  confidently in public! Learn how to talk!
Become good at presentation! Acquire the skill of leadership!
Make friends at Tsukuba! Enjoy speeches in Japanese! Share joyful time!

Meeting schedule

Contact us from here to join!   %e5%95%8f%e3%81%84%e5%90%88%e3%82%8f%e3%81%9b


Do you want to acquire communication skills and leadership?
We are waiting for you!!

Schedule  every 1st and 3rd  Saturday 17:00-19:15
Venue  Onogawa community center
Membership fee  1,000en/month (collecting a half-year)
Entrance fee 4,000en(Including 2 manuals for new member )

For visitors, please come 10 min earlier to the meeting to have brief guidance about our club. If you have difficulty to access the venue, please consult us in advance, transportation may be arrangeable.